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Sequent repatterning is a therapy developed for the effective treatment of misophonia.  Those listed here have experience providing therapy to individuals with misophonia and are committed to effective treatment.  Many of our pratitioners can also provide misophonia therapy online.   The therapy process will always begin with diagnostics – diagnosing the condition or confirming diagnosis – and an assessment.  The assessment will ensure the therapist knows exactly how severe a person’s misophonia is, right at the start of the therapeutic process.


Professional therapy help for misophonia

Blank certificate of training
A certificate of completed training

Find a misophonia therapist.  Those listed on these pages have achieved practitioner certification status: they have initially demonstrated a competence of hypnotherapy in practice, being a member of at least one professional CNHC - UK standards authority - logobody and registered with an appropriate standards authority.  In the UK the standards authority is CNHC.  They will also adopt the ethical standards of their professional body and attend regular supervision with an accredited supervisor.  They will, before training commences, also have experience in time-line therapy, parts work and neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

Practitioners should have appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance, usually as required by their professional body.

A certificate of completion is provided following the training process – but practitioner certification is awarded only after assessment of a reflective case study, showing a competence to practice.

Find a Misophonia Therapist

Many of our Sequent Repatterning Therapists work online, as well as face to face, so wherever you are you can almost certainly get help for misophonia.

Those who are certified practitioners are:

 Chris Pearson  
Logo of Chris Pearson, Hypnotherapy             

 Chris Pearson | HYPNOTHERAPY

   Address Consilient Therapy Limited,
45, Ropergate,
Telephone +44 (0) 754 220 4445
   web site
Therapy Chris provides assessment and advice, and Sequent Repatterning therapy in his therapy rooms and remotely, online
VSee telemedicine platform
VSee – a secure telemedicine platform

Chris developed Sequent Repatterning – he treats misophonia and also provides training in the therapy framework.  He provides clinical supervision for therapists using the Sequent Repatterning approach to treating misophonia.
He presented on misophonia at the International Neuropsychotherapy Conference in Brisbane, Australia in 2017 and also spoke at the Misophonia Convention in Chicago, and online at the 2020 Convention.  He presented papers to the Misophonia Research Symposium in California .
Chris ran a workshop on treating misophoia at the International Association of Applied Neuroscience conference in Sydney in 2019 and has published peer reviewed articles in journals including International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy and Frontiers of Psychology..
Chris has worked with several hundred misophonia cases and provides therapy from his rooms at Consilient Therapy and remotely, online using the VSee telemedicine platform and on Zoom

Morven Surmon  Photo of Morven Surmon

 Therapies For Change

 Address Jamesview,
Little Kildrummie,
Nairn, Highlands,
Scotland IV12 5QU, United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0) 7912139149
 web site
Therapy Morven provides diagnosis, assessment and advice, and sequent repatterning therapy in her therapy room in Nairn and remotely, online
I am an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master of NLP, Life Coach and Sequent Repatterning Therapist.  I also hold a COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate (Aberdeen University).  As I live with a family member with misophonia I feel I have a deep understanding of how it feels to struggle with this condition and I am 100% passionate about and committed to helping those with misophonia.

Renata Krok Renata Krok - therapist
Therapy Step by Step

+44 (0) 7818504780

Therapy Renata provides diagnosis, assessment and advice for Misophonia. She offers Sequent Repatterning Therapy in London or remotely online, both within the UK and Internationally.
  Renata is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, CBT Therapist and BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) Advanced Practitioner.  Having established an extensive client base both at home and overseas, she is experienced and an advocate in providing therapy online.  As a person with misophonia who has benefitted from SRT, she empathises with what it is like to live with this condition.
Her aim is to improve your life and get it positively on track.

Libby Mayes
Logo of Lib Mayes practice

Libby Mayes
Clinical Hypnosis

Photo of Libby Mayes
Berkeley St
Castlemaine VIC 3450 Australia
Telephone +61 (0)439 653 389
 web site
Therapy Lib has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (psychology), Diploma of Counselling, Diploma of Remedial Massage and Certificate of hypnosis. Registered with Australian Counselling Association. Lib has worked in the past as a counsellor, for 15years as a remedial massage therapist, now combining with the modality of hypnotherapy for a holistic management of mind and body
Lib provides assessment and sequent repatterning therapy in her clinic rooms and remotely, online

Alan Artt




misophonia treatment alan-artt-SRT-Misophonia-therapist-online
Alan Artt SRT Misophonia Therapist – UK and International online help for Misophonia.
Address Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK
Telephone +44 [0]1980 505 645
Therapy Alan provides Misophonia assessment and Sequent Repatterning Therapy for Misophonia clients, both in UK and internationally online via VSee or Zoom.
Alan works with Teenagers and Adults
Alan has been a practising therapist since 2006.  He specialises in treating misophonia clients using Sequent Repatterning Therapy (SRT).    He is also an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Brain Working Recursive Therapist (BWRT)   Alan treats clients as unique human beings, who have had an individual life experience.  Everything he does is tailored to the individual’s needs.  Alan understands misophonia and is committed to providing help for misophonia to those who suffer from the disorder.

The unconscious mind works without your knowledge and that is the way it prefers.”
Milton H Erickson.

Michael Surmon




Michael Surmon SRT Practitioner

Michael Surmon  SRT Misophonia Therapist – UK and International online help for Misophonia.

Address Jamesview,
Little Kildrummie,
Nairn, Highlands,
Scotland IV12 5QU, United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0) 7729536132
Therapy Michael provides diagnosis, assessment and advice, and sequent repatterning therapy in his therapy room in Nairn and remotely, online.
Michael is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sequent Repatterning Therapist, NLP Practitioner and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Michael lives with a family member with misophonia, and so has a deep understanding of the struggles that come with this condition – he is passionate  and fully committed to helping those with misophonia.

He uses evidence-based hypnotherapy techniques in conjunction with various psychotherapeutic modalities to help make positive changes to people’s lives. Michael sees clinical therapy as a collaborative process between a client and himself. So for every session and for each client, a bespoke, solution focused treatment plan is prepared – based on that client’s particular nuances in order to help him, her or them to achieve their goals and facilitate lasting change in the best way possible.

Kat Britten
Trance formation therapy  Kat-Britten-therapist
Address Northumberland, UK
Telephone +44 (0) 3331885388
Therapy Kat provides diagnosis, assessment and advice, and Sequent Repatterning therapy in her therapy room in Morpeth, and online via Zoom or VSee both in UK and internationally.

Languages spoken – English & Hungarian.

Kat is an experienced and well-regarded Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Sequent Repatterning Therapist and NLP Practitioner.  In addition to her therapy background, she is also a qualified yoga teacher and she often draws on her vast knowledge of body/mind connection in her therapy practice.

Kat’s deeply empathetic and personable nature allows her to build strong therapeutic alliance with her clients.  And while she is specialised in misophonia, she believes in focusing on the uniqueness of each individual rather than treating the label.  Her approach is always person centred and solution focused.

Baron L Tayler



 Baron Tayler_therapist
Address 2200 Bellevue Road, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104, USA
Telephone 717-525-7408
Therapy Baron is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Professional Hypnotists.
A Certified Hypnotherapist by the NGH, Baron is also a Certified 5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapist
by the Banyan Hypnosis Center, holds a Mental Gastric Band Hypnotist Certification from Duncan Tooley, is a Certified Forensic Hypnosis Investigator, and is certified in Sequent Repatterning Therapy by the Misophonia Treatment Institute, having received therapy protocol instruction from Christopher Pearson.
Baron provides assessment and advice, and Sequent Repatterning Therapy in his office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Baron L. Tayler, CH, CFHI, is a life-long entrepreneur, a path of life which relies on one’s ability to analyze problems and situations, and then form a game plan to solve those problems and achieve success. Baron does not view problems as obstacles. He sees them as opportunities, and always focuses on achieving a positive outcome.  His motto of “I Don’t Do Try” is the attitude that he brings to working with clients and bringing positive changes into their lives.

Heather Sinfield



Heather Sinfield
Address The Crystal Rooms,  Little London Road, Horam, East Sussex, TN21 0BL
Telephone +44 (7935) 243774
Therapy Heather is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and provides diagnosis, assessment, advice and Sequent Repatterning in her therapy room in East Sussex and online working with clients both in the UK and worldwide.
Heather is an experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Sequent Repatterning Therapist and NLP Practitioner with a Batchelors Degree in Psychology who has a busy practice. She is a member of the NCH, CNHC and QCHPA. Her approach is Person Centred and Solution Focussed and she strongly believes in working with each client as an individual and will tailor each session specifically for them according to how they see the world.  She is committed to helping people who are struggling with Misophonia.