Video Resources Misophonia

We are beginning to create a series of information videos.  They can be viewed here or you can watch them on Vimeo.

What is Misophonia? is an introduction to the condition.  The video might be useful if you’re explaining what misophonia is and how it affects someone.

Video Resourees Misophonia – what is it?


Core Needs covers the three essential aspects of our being.  If we can meet our three core needs we can be happy – we can achieve what we want in life and ae are resilient.  If these core needs are compromised then we struggle to be the person we’d choose to be – and every time we sacrifice control and orientation, minimisation of discomfort or opportunities for attachment (being with others and interacting with them) we reduce our ability to live the life we want to live.  We hand power over to misophonia.

It gets worse when we choose avoidant behaviours as ways to manage or to cope.